Using Waste Water Heat Recovery for Showers (WWHRS) with SAP

6 students

IMPORTANT: It is recommended that before you start this course you have completed our course “Introduction to Waste Water Heat Recovery for Showers (WWHRS)” which covers the main concepts of Waste Water Heat Recovery for showers (WWHRS) that you need to know before installing a WWHRS product.

This course will introduce you to the basic concepts of using Waste Water Heat Recovery within SAP.

By the end of this course you should know…

  • What SAP is, what it relates to and how it works.
  • What the benefits are of using Waster Water Heat Recovery with SAP
  • What assumptions are made within modelling and what can affect a high WWHRS score
  • How Waster Water Heat Recovery is modelled within SAP

The course is split into lessons each covering a section of the above content. At the end of each lesson a quiz will test your understanding of the content from the lesson.

PLEASE BE AWARE: On the 1st October 2019 the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government published a consultation on the Future Homes Standard, regarding changes to Part L (conservation of fuel and power) of the Building Regulations for new dwellings. The consultation set out two options to uplift energy efficiency standards. In each option Waste Water Heat Recovery for Showers (WWHRS) is stated as part of the suggested standard specifications package for Part-L compliance.

With this news, and because SAP is used by Part L to assess a buildings energy performance, it indicates that the importance of understanding the benefits and effects of using WWHRS in SAP are going to become essential. We will continue to monitor and report news on the progression of this on our news page and newsletter. As changes are implemented this course and all related content will be updated accordingly.